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Manufacturing Process

All bespoke / custom-made seating products are manufactured and design in the United Kingdom. We do not source or manufacture bespoke products from other countries - all design, manufacturing, quality control and packing is done within our UK facility. Our new ranges boast some of the best British craftsmanship and exude style and quality.

Quality British craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. We have a global reputation for manufacturing bespoke upholstered sofas, chairs, stools and headboards.

We provide a reliable furniture package, providing customers with a smooth, stress-free process from order to fulfilment. As well as new products, we provide a fast and efficient re-upholstery and maintenance service for fixed seating and loose upholstered furniture, as well as producing bespoke products and sourcing extra items as required.


1) After your confirmed order has been received your specification details including model, colour, feet, buttons etc. will be passed onto our partner manufacturing company. From this they will advise on delivery timeframe (normally 4-6 weeks) but in some cases this can be sooner.

2) Your model will be manufactured within a 45,000 square ft. manufacturing facility where a team of specialist craftsmen will firstly outline your chosen specification and then begin working on the model shape and size.

3) The colour or fabric that you selected will be picked from our manufacturing facility and the correct size and shape will be cut and engrained into your chosen model. 

4) Any changes to feet, buttons etc will then be made once the model has been finished and all colouring is complete.

5) At each stage there will be a quality control and quality assurance officer that will assess and monitor the manufacturing process and check all goods to see that they are fit for purpose. If for any reason the quality checks come back showing that there are issues or potential issues this will result in an overall delay as the process will be restarted. We cannot accept liability for any delays due to quality checks.

6) The completed model will be carefully wrapped and packaged and passed onto the distribution centre for onward travel.