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Quality Assurance

At Modern Home Interiors, we have a direct relationship with our factories and manufacturers to ensure that they offer the best service whilst operating a fair trade production to ensure that best production methods are used. We invest ourselves into manufacturing and in our partner factories and product testing facilities to bring you the best and highest standard of furniture, meaning you wont have to compromise on quality. By having a direct relationship with manufacturers we can also offer that most important factor - a lower price!

All bespoke and made-to-order seating and furniture is designed exactly to customer specification. At each stage of the manufacturing process the goods will go through a quality control and quality assurance stafge, which is undertaken by the quality control officer within our manufacturing facility. If at any stage the quality control officer deems any item or part item to be unfit for purpose or compromised on quality then they will revert back to the previous stage(s) and begin the process again - discarding of any unsuitable goods or part goods. This means that not only are premium materials used but at each stage they are checked and analysed to ensure perfect fitting, shaping, materials are sitting correctly and all defects are detected prior to delivery. In the unlikely scenario that you receive goods that have unsuitable or defective features then please get in touch as soon as possible and this will be passed onto the quality control team who will recall the item and arrange for any issues to be corrected.

All our bespoke and custom built furniture we believe is some of the most competitive in terms of pricing in the UK. Generally for a 3 seater bespoke sofa from a specialist bespoke retailer this would be upwards of £2,500 for the quality and materials that we use. We are able to offer this to our customers at a fraction of the price and in some cases as much as 60% less than other bespoke retailers. Our company aim is to source and supply high-end and beautiful furniture at affordable prices without compromising on quality in any aspects.

If all of that was not enough, we also offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty on all of our furniture subject to terms and conditions.  Sample colour swatches are also available upon request for velvet, fabric and leather samples.

If you require any further information regarding our quality assurance and quality control procedures please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you further.