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Bespoke Ohio Luxe Sofa Collection - All Options

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£865.00 - £1,766.00
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The Ohio brings an air of classic and simplistic style to any setting, it could be bold or subtle depending on fabric choice, comfort and quality are ever present on this fantastic range.

Choose from a wide range of colours and fabrics.

Please enter your colour choice by leaving a note at checkout. 

Fabric / Colour swatches can be requested however this will incur a charge of £6.99 to cover the cost of the swatch + shipping. Please email us at if required.


3 Seater: L 220 x W 84 x H 78cm (Seat Height 44cm)

2.5 Seater: L 180 x W 84 x H 78cm (Seat Height 44cm)

2 Seater: L 160 x W 84 x H 78cm (Seat Height 44cm)

1 Seater Armchair: L 85 x W 84 x H 78cm (Seat Height 44cm)

Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks (MADE TO ORDER)


LENA - Smooth soft leather with a satin finish and natural grain. (Pigmented Finish)(Half Grain)

ETNA - Natural looking distressed leather with a lacquer sealcoat. (Wax/Pigmented Finish)(Half Grain)

Information on leather terms Pigmented finish A finish in which a sprayed polymer coating containing pigments is applied to the leather surface. This is the most durable leather type with more resistance to scuffing, fading and soiling.

Semi-aniline finish A light finish coating with a very small amount of pigment is applied to ensure a more uniform consistent colour and add some stain resistance. The natural characteristics are still visible.

Aniline finish A surface coating that is clear or contains a dye is applied to the hide surface. This has the most natural look and feel with characteristics of the hide remaining visible, although it is more susceptible to marks and stains.

Full Grain The original surface has not been sanded or buffed but left fully intact. This leather type is selected from the best quality material.

Half Grain The surface has been buffed/sanded, then a finish applied, it has not been embossed with an artificial grain pattern.

Corrected Grain The surface grain has been partially removed to eliminate the majority of imperfections by buffing/sanding, and an embossed artificial grain pattern is applied onto the leather surface.

Pull-up Leather with a coating of wax/oil which lightens in colour with use or when tension is applied during upholstering to give a lighter/darker aged effect, it will form a patina over time.

Nubuck Aniline dyed leather which has been slightly abraded on the surface to create a fine nap.

Two Tone A type of finish with two different contrasting coats to add depth, the top-coat sometimes has a pattern effect added to give more character.

Sanding/Buffing removes some imperfections from the surface of a hide to make it more uniform.

Embossed A process of imprinting an artificial grain pattern onto the leather surface by a roller or plate.

Rubbed Off A process in which the lacquer topcoat of an antique leather is removed in certain areas using a “rub-off” solution to reveal the contrasting pigmented basecoat below. This is carried out after the furniture is upholstered, a lacquer seal-coat can then be applied.

Hide Characteristics Leather on occasion contains growth marks, scratches, insect marks and colour variation across the natural hide, these should not be considered as a fault but distinguish it from cheaper man made alternatives and give unique character to a finished piece.

Aniline finished leather range that has a natural appearance and feel but is less resistant to soiling and marking.

Antique leather range with a pigmented bottom coat and a thinner antique lacquer top coat which is designed to wear off over a period of time/use revealing the lower coat beneath, to replicate the original antique style.